Spray-on Polyurea Coatings Can Help Save Money By Extending The Lifetime Of Vehicles


Owners of work trucks, fleet management, equipment rental business owners, and other personnel spend huge amounts of money and time making sure their equipment is in good condition and operating at the top of its game. However, many are finding that the traditional paint as well as powder coating simply don’t stand up to the rigorous conditions of the majority of workplaces. Paint looks gorgeous when it’s brand new, but the harsh conditions reveal its shortcomings which requires fleet managers to allocate resources to ensure aesthetics and protection against rust, corrosion, and other dangers.

The paradigm is changing. The 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas the largest aftermarket for automotive trade show in the world brought together all the major makers of spray-on protective coatings and an underlying topic was the application of the product in an ever-growing variety of industrial and fleet applications. Trucks with flashy lifts were in the spotlight along with tough fleet trucks and other machines sprayed using polyurea coatings demonstrated the expansion of the protective coating market and the ways trucks are able to protect their equipment with out paint or powdercoat.


People who use work trucks every day need solutions that perform. Anything that looks good, must be able to perform well ot,herwise it will not last. This is particularly true for trucks th.at work This is the reason polyurea protective coatings remain to gain popularity.

The most recent coatings offer exceptional protection against abrasions, impacts, corrosion, the elements and aggressive chemicals as well as the sun , with UV stabilizers. These coatings also help equipment to last longer as well as help keep the equipment operating longer and require lesser time and funds required to make repairs. The trucks in the shop do not generate revenue for businesses and fleet companies recognize this.

One example is industries that work with the harsh chemicals that could damage the paint. A lot of companies are using polyurea coatings due to their ability to stand up against solvents, petroleum along with other chemicals. Industries that range from pesticides to petroleum delivery are currently making use of polyurea coatings because of their strength as well as resistance towards these chemicals. Because of the remarkable bond polyurea coatings possess with properly constructed substrates, cleaning can be simple with only a few soaps and water, with no harm on the substrate as well as the protective coating.


Safety is among the most crucial aspects in every industry, which is why polyurea coatings are becoming popular in different work-truck areas. They are sprayed with specific methods to create a textured coating, polyurea coatings can be applied to meet or exceed standards such as ASTM C1028 or NFPA 1901 slip resistance standards, giving traction in dry and wet weather conditions to avoid unnecessary slips and falls that can cause thousands of injuries every year and cost companies millions dollars in insurance and cost of labor. Polyurea coatings can help keep employees secure, which is the most important priority for all businesses and sectors.

In the real world

When they first came onto the market over 20 years back, polyurea and polyurethane coatings were mostly sprayed into trucks to protect from the abuse that bed frames are exposed to over their lives. In time, however, numerous industries began to take advantage of the properties offered by these coatings, including the field service occupations. Nowadays, many businesses and companies operate on smaller budgets and are required to extend equipment beyond the expected lifespan of its service. The owners of the work truck and the companies that make the equipment are always looking for ways to increase the lifespan of their machines. Protective coatings deliver.


Summit Truck Bodies, based in Wathena, Kansas, has produced service bodies for a long time, and they now utilize LINEX’s world-class protective coatings on various surfaces in their product line. Every service body they sell is equipped with an protective coating to not just protect it from abrasions, scratches, impacts, elements and other work conditions but also serves as an anti-skid surface to people who must stand on the surfaces that are protected.

Alongside Summit, Curry Supply, located within Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, incorporates polyurea coatings to improve the quality of its products designed for consumers. Curry Supply manufacturers commercial service equipment, as well as polyurea coatings on particular body parts like frames as well as mounts, and many other places to assist in protection from abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion.

Polyurea coatings have also been used on various exceedingly demanding work truck environments, including airfield equipment, emergency services vehicles like SWAT and firetrucks, loading docks, mixing shafts, lift gates, and even tractor canopies, among others.


The majority of coatings are applied thickly to ensure the greatest impact or abrasion protection. However, certain firms have come up with small-build polyurea coatings specifically designed for exterior surfaces that require protection from minor abrasions and scratches but can also replace powder coats with greater durability. For instance, ArmorThane’s ArmorLiner is an option that can be applied thinly on the body of doors, toolbox doors, and other surfaces with tight tolerances but still require superior abrasion UV protection. Also, the smoother surface and a more attractive overall look make a thin build an ideal choice. This coating is a great way to give fleet managers and owners of work trucks many options for outfitting their equipment with the most effective paint-on protection available.

If those working operating in the work-truck industry are contemplating adding polyurea coatings to their fleets, selecting a reliable company that is aware of the specific products and application needs is of the most crucial importance. Polyurea must be sprayed at a specified thickness to give the best amount of protection. As such, protective coating businesses should put implement quality control measures that check the thickness of the coating through visual inspections as well as testing with an instrument that is a coating thickness gauge, such as an Elcometer.

The variety of applications reflects the rapid growth of the industry and how companies as well as various verticals are utilizing polyurea coatings in innovative ways to increase the performance of the equipment while keeping machines functioning and looking their highest and long beyond the intended life of their service.

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